for further information see Explanatory Item: 131

a Evidence of cryoturbation 1984  
b Buried horizon 1984  
c Concretions or nodules 1984  
d Dense layer (physically root-restrictive, not used in combination with m) 1984  
f Frozen soil (not used in combination with l) 1984  
g Strong gleying 1984  
h Accumulation of organic matter 1984  
i Slickensides 1984  
j Jarosite accumulation 1984  
k Accumulation of pedogenetic carbonates 1984  
m Strong cementation or induration (pedogenetic, massive) 1984  
n Pedogenetic accumulation of exchangeable sodium 1984  
o Residual accumulation of sesquioxides (pedogenetic) 1984  
p Ploughing or other artificial disturbance 1984  
q Accumulation of pedogenetic silica 1984  
r Strong reduction 1984  
s Illuvial accumulation of sesquioxides 1984  
t Illuvial accumulation of clay 1984  
u Urban and other man-made materials 1984  
v Plinthite 1984  
w Development of colour or structure in B (only used with B) 1984  
x Fragipan 1984  
y Pedogenetic accumulation of gypsum 1984  
z Pedogenetic accumulation of salts more soluble than gypsum 1984