153 Sample ID Foliage

The sample_ID defines samples of leaves which are analysed together.

This might be a sample by 5 trees of the same species and leaves type or every tree will be analysed seperatly.

In the first case all trees have the same sample ID for the same leaves type, in the second every tree (and leaves type) has an own sample ID.

The sample ID should be unique in combination with Plot number.

The sample ID allows for linkage between the forms FOT and FOM.

In case that samples were taken and analysed for 5 individual trees (e.g. sample_ID 1-5) a pooled sample might be submitted in addition using an additional sample_ID (e.g. 6).

In this case the sample_ID 1 to 5 would be linked to the respective tree numbers in form FOT (5 records) and the pooled sample would be linked by sample_ID 6 to the same 5 trees in additional 5 records.

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