154 Tree number with initial letter

Initial letter:

  • F - Foliage
  • R - Ring
  • D - Disk sampling

As in some samplings (foliar, increment, ozone injury) trees outside the normal plot (or sub plot) have to be used, special numbers have to be applied.

The number of these trees will start with a letter (F=Foliage), R=Ring analysis by increment borings, D=Disc analysis) followed with a sequence number (e.g. F001).

The numbers are to be reported.

Ozone injury assessments are carried out on trees with foliar assessments and thus are numbered like these (e.g. F001).

Only if additional trees are sampled specifically for ozone injury new codes are given (e.g. O001).

The tree number must not change over time on individual trees.

Assessment trees should be numbered in a unique way and permantly marked.

The numbering should be valid for all surveys and should not differ from the numbering of the assessment given in the tree coordinate assessment.