160 Sampler_ID Deposition

The sampler(group)_ID defines a single sampler or a group of samplers from which a sample is collected in the field (1-999).

This will be a group of samplers of the same sampler type, e.g. all throughfall samplers, which are pooled already in the field or only one sampler (e.g. wet only).

The number of single samplers forming one Sampler_ID should be stated in the subsequent field in the PLD.

Usually the sampler(group)_ID starts with “1”.

In case of pooling e.g. an aliquot of monthly samples for a quarterly analysis of heavy metals another sampler(group)_ID (e.g. “2”) should be used.

If there are no changes over the months and years the sampler(group)_ID stays the same in subsequent years for the same sampler /-groups.

If monitoring sites or procedures are changed, parallel stations or parallel equipment should be run for a sufficient long period (3-12 months depending on the type of change) in order to ensure the consistency of the time series.

Also in this case the parallel equipment should be coded with another Sampler(group)_ID.

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