170 Plot number in Air Quality files

Dictionary: d_sampler_passive

From 2009 onwards plot number is specified instead of active station ID.

Each active sampler device is identified by plot number and sampler_ID (see Explanatory Item 124).

These parameters are also used for link to the data submitted with form AQA.

General situation:

In forms PAC, PPS, AQP and AQA passive sampler data (PPS and AQP) and hourly continuous analyzer data (PAC and AQA) measured at Intensive Monitoring Plots [IMP] are reported.

Besides measurements taken at IMPs, passive samplers can also be co-located with continuous analyzers at Air Quality Stations [AQ_ST] (e.g. regional or EMEP Air Quality Stations, but not IMP) for quality control.

In this case, for each of the exposure periods of the passive samplers (typically 2-weeks), both the measured value and its corresponding mean value measured with continuous analyzers for the same period have to be reported under form COL.

If there are IMP with continuous analyzers and passive samplers measuring in parallel, both forms PAC, PPS, AQP and AQA, and COL as well have to be filled.

In form COL, AQ_STs are identified with an S before the number (e.g. S004), while IMPs are identified only with plot numbers (e.g. 102).

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