177 Soil Water pit ID

The Soil Water pit ID is used for numbering of the pit where samples for the soil water retention curve (SWRC) determination are taken, and for numbering of the pits where soil moisture measurements (SMM) are conducted.

If both investigations are done in the same pit, the Soil Water pit ID should be the same in the forms SWC/SWA and PLM to apply the SWRC to the SMM at the same point.

If this not the case, the ID should be different for SWRC and SMM measurements.

In general, samples from at least 3 pits on each depth with replicates are taken for the soil water determination.

The soil water ID of the actual Soil Water pit indicates where the soil water sample (SWRC or SMM) was taken. In case that this pit is the one on the plot for which the profile description was made (submitted with forms .PRF and .PFH) it is the same as the Profile pit ID (see (101)).

In all other cases it is a new one.