196 LAI – results

Dictionary: d_results_la

* Hemispherical measurement values Gap fraction, PAIeff, and Omega are given without correction in the pure form that is calculated from the image evaluation software used.

If Omega is derived from other sources (e.g. TRAC), the date of observation and measurement type are given in the observations field.

** Indirect optical measurement values

Only in case of the use of a hemispherical method, within shoot clumping and the contributions of woody material need to be considered. Then, either SAI (derived from the respective PAIeff winter values in form LAP or taken from form LBH or α needs to be given.

Species-specific values for α and γ may be taken from the literature or own measurements, the source shall be indicated in the observations field.

The within-shoot clumping coefficient γ may be assumed to be 1 for most broadleaf trees.

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