39 Plot size

Total plot size in hectares or sub-plot size or growth (=sample) plot size

The size of the total plot or sub-plot shall be stated in hectares with 1m² accuracy (e.g. "0.0001" ha).

In case of Level I cross cluster plots (see Explanatory Item 5) no plot size (Value: "-1") has to be submitted.

Within the Growth (GR) survey the growth plot size refers to the area on which tree growth was measured, i.e. the area to which the growth information is related.

In most cases this equals the total plot size of the Level II plot or the subplot (as submitted within system installment (SI)), but deviations may occur based on national sampling approaches (e.g. growth plotsize as sum of several subplots with growth data submission).

Growth plot ID

Growth subplots should be numbered uniquely and consistantly over the years.

Usually the growth subplot remains the same over all years and in these cases the growth plot ID should be "1" every year.

In exceptional cases the growth subplot has been shifted within the plot.

In these cases the new growth plot requires a new "subplot_ID".

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