97 Species code

Dictionary: d_species_list

The species code exists of the code for the family (999), the code for the genus (999) and the code for the species (999).

Family, genus, and species codes are separated by a dot (“.”).

Determination at Genus level, using ‘999’ as the code for sp/spp (‘species pluralis’), is the minimal submission requirement.

The “Other observations” text field should be used for additional information (e.g. if there are obvious more than one unknown species of the same Genus within the plot).

The coded lists for vascular plants and cryptogams are available via the internet page of the responsible Expert Panel of ICP Forests.


In case that species will occur that are not included on this list, the National Focal Centre will take contact with the Expert Panel prior to the formal data submission to the European data centre.

The Expert Panel will assign a new (999.999.999) code and include it on the list available on the internet.

The new species will be submitted to the European data centre with the new code.

An additional list of nationally important or problematic species can be prepared and maintained by the NFC if regarded necessary.

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