Additional Sources

CSV files of all dictionaries

All dictionaries describing coded variables can be downloaded here as CSV:

Offline documentation

The complete documentation can be downloaded here to be used offline:

Just open the index.html in your browser.

Free files

Free files are files submitted to the ICP-Forests database in addition to the forms described in this documentation.

One can distinguish 3 different types:

Data Accompanying Reports (DAR-Q)

These reports include additional information concerning the data.

The content might be further described in the corresponding parts of the ICP-Forests manual.


Photos can be submitted for the surveys LA, PH and OZ.

The extact file name format is described in the Explanatory Item 86

Additional free files

Additional free files can be submitted for any survey. The content is no further specified.

All free files can be downloaded under under:

The list "free_files.csv" provides an overview of all files available in the archives.

The file is structured in following columns:

  • survey_code - code of the corresponding survey (E.g. "DP" = "deposition")

  • survey_year - year of the submission/recording

  • country_code - code of the country of origin (see d_country)

  • partner_code - code of the submitting institution/country (see d_partner)

  • country - name of the country of origin

  • file_name - name of the file

  • file_type - file type (DAR, PHOTO, FREE)

Instructions for the submission of free files can be found in the general remarks

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