SI - System Instalment

Form: LAC - Coordinates of LAI measurement points and other surveys

Active since: 2011 Last change: 2011

!Sequence; country; plot; survey; device; x_coordinate; y_coordinate; other_observations

1 Sequence

Description: Continuous number to identify the line of the submitted file
Format: I
2 country

DB Column: code_country
Description: ID of the country
Format: I
Dictionary: d_country
3 plot

DB Column: code_plot
Description: Observation plot number
Remarks: A unique number (per country) given to the permanent plot during the selection or installation
Format: I
4 survey

DB Column: code_survey
Format: C
Dictionary: d_surveys
5 device

DB Column: device_id
Description: Device ID
Remarks: E.g. measurement point on LAI, trap number on Litterfall, sampler on deposition survey
Format: C
Explanatory Item: 27
6 x_coordinate

DB Column: coordinate_x
Description: Relative plot coordinate (X)
Remarks: Metric system (west – east)
Format: F
Explanatory Item: 6
7 y_coordinate

DB Column: coordinate_y
Description: Relative plot coordinate (Y)
Remarks: Metric system (south – north)
Format: F
Explanatory Item: 6
8 other_observations (FREE TEXT)

DB Column: other_obs
Description: Supplementary comments
Format: C

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