Phenological phases

Black alder (Alnus incana)

Leaf appearance

Closed buds

black_alder_leaf_01 black_alder_leaf_02

The defined stage of leaf appearance

The buds have flushed and the green of the new leaves are clearly visible.

black_alder_leaf_03 black_alder_leaf_04

After the defined stages of leaf appearance

The new leaves are unfolded and the leaf blade is fully visible.

black_alder_leaf_05 black_alder_leaf_06

Photos: Eija Matikainen

Flowering in black alder

The flowers of male (staminate) inflorescence (hanging catkins) are open and begin to release yellow pollen.

(On windy days the release of pollen is visible).

black_alder_flowering_01 black_alder_flowering_02

Photos: Eija Matikainen / Egbert Beuker