Assessment of Growth and Increment Level II

Survey code: GR (Level II)

Monitoring System: Level II

Survey frequency:

  • periodic measurements: Every 5 years (MANDATORY on all trees)

  • continuous measurements (OPTIONAL on selected trees)


  • PLI: Plot file

  • IPM: Increment information, periodic measurements

  • INV: Periodic plot wise growth data

  • IRH: Tree ring and stemdisk analysis – Header information (OPTIONAL)

  • IRM: Tree ring and stemdisk analysis – Measurements (OPTIONAL)

  • IRP: Diameter (girthband or dendrometer) measurements (OPTIONAL)

  • IEV: Evaluated data on increment (OPTIONAL)

Special Notes

IRH / IRM - Replaced old form IRA

The increment data collected on the Level II plots will not be suitable for extrapolating to larger areas. In this respect, the plots should be seen as permanent monitoring plots and not as inventory plots.