BD - Biodiversity

Form: CAN - Canopy cover / Number of vegetation layers / Number of trees

Active since: 2004 Last change: 2004



!Sequence; country; plot; subplot; date_survey; canopy; n_treelayer; n_trees; dbh_percentage; other_obs

1 Sequence

Description: Continuous number to identify the line of the submitted file
Format: I
2 country

DB Column: code_country
Description: ID of the country
Format: I
Dictionary: d_country
3 plot

DB Column: code_plot
Description: Observation plot number
Remarks: A unique number (per country) given to the permanent plot during the selection or installation
Format: I
4 subplot

DB Column: bd_subplot
Description: BioSoil subplot
Remarks: In case of use of the random selected units use (3, 4, 5, and 6 for unit a ,b , c, and d, respectively). (1,2,3,4,5,6)
Format: I
5 date_survey (DDMMYY)

Description: Date of survey
Remarks: E.g. '9th October 2012' = '091012'
Format: Date
6 canopy

DB Column: code_canopy
Description: Canopy closure
Format: I
Dictionary: d_canopy
7 n_treelayer

DB Column: n_tree_layer
Description: Number of tree layer
Format: I
Dictionary: d_tree_layer_bd
8 n_trees

Description: Total number of trees within the subplot that are measured for DBH
Format: I
9 dbh_percentage

DB Column: dbh_perc
Description: Percentage of trees assessed for DBH
Format: I
10 other_obs (FREE TEXT)

Description: Supplementary comments
Format: C

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