Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

Phenological phases

Needle appearance

Closed buds

pine_needles_01 pine_needles_02

Photos: Robert Breugger / Egbert Beuker

Bud elongation before needle appearance.

The buds have flushed and the green of the new needles is clearly visible.

pine_needles_03 pine_needles_04

Photos: Eija Matikainen

Needle appearance at the defined stage

The new needles are unfolded and the needles are fully visible.

pine_needles_05 pine_needles_06

Photos: Eija Matikainen


Female flowering / Male flowering

The flowers of male (staminate) inflorescence are open and begin to release yellow pollen. On windy days the release of pollen is visible. When releasing pollen, male (staminate) inflorescence are yellow-brown to yellow.

pine_flowering_01 pine_flowering_02

Photos: Teijo Nikkanen

Autumn colouring

Autumn colouring of the oldest green shoot

During late summer/autumn several pine species drop the needles of the oldest green shoots.

pine_colouring_01 pine_colouring_02

Photos: Egbert Beuker