Phenological phases

European larch (Larix decidua Mill.)

Needle appearance

Closed buds

larch_needles_01 larch_needles_02

The defined stage of needle appearance

The buds have flushed and the green of the new needles are clearly visible.

larch_needles_03 larch_needles_04

After the defined stages of needle appearance

The new needles are unfolded and the needles are fully visible.

larch_needles_05 larch_needles_06

Photos: Eija Matikainen

Flowering in European larch

The flowers of male (staminate) inflorescence are open and begin to release yellow pollen. On windy days the release of pollen is visible.


Photos: Teijo Nikkanen

Autumn colouring in European larch

During late summer/autumn larch species drop the needles.


Photos: Teijo Nikkanen