Last change: 2019.11

1 Uncertain on species level, species could be same than already listed species in the survey (Genus sp.). Species code ends with .999. 1984  
2 Uncertain on species level, but certain that species is different to listed species of same genus (Genus sp.). Species code ends with .999. 1984  
3 Cf., uncertain on species level, but very likely the specified species (Genus cf. species). 1984  
4 agg./x: aggregated species/hybrids: group). Species determination/taxonomic ranking is rather complicate due to hybridization among several recognized species and/or apomictic plants (e.g. Taraxacum officinale agg. / group) 1984  
5 Certain on species level. 1984  
6 Certain on species level, but uncertain on subspecies level (Genus species cf. subspecies). Specify subspecies in other observations. 1984  
7 Certain on subspecies level (Genus species subspecies). Specify subspecies in other observations). 1984  
8 Certain on variant level (Genus species subspecies variety). Specify subspecies and variety in other observations). 1984  
99 NOT KNOWN 1984 2010

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