for further information see Explanatory Item: 50

1.0 absent_or_scare Absent or scarce. The fruits are not seen in a cursory examination. 1984 2010
1.1 absent Fructification is absent or inconsiderable. Even reasonably lengthy observation of the crown with binoculars yielded no signs of fruiting. 2011  
1.2 scare Sporadic occurrence of fruiting, not noticeable at first sight. It must be looked for on purpose with binoculars. 2011  
2.0 common Fruiting is clearly visible, can be observed with the naked eye. The appearance of the tree is influenced but not dominated by fructification. 1984  
3.0 abundant Fruiting dominates the appearance of the tree, immediately meets the eye, determines the tree¿s appearance 1984  

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