SO - Analysis of Soil

Form: SOM - Soil analysis information (Mandatory and optional as required by the BioSoil)

Active since: 1984 Last change: 1984



!Sequence; country; plot; layer; repetition; layer_superior; layer_inferior; subsamples; date_analysis; moisture_content; clay; silt; sand; texture; bulk_density_dry_fine_earth; coarse_fragments_vol; organic_layer_dry_weight; pH_CaCl; pH_H2O; total_organic_carbon; total_nitrogen; carbonates; exchange_acidity; exchange_Al; exchange_Ca; exchange_Fe; exchange_K; exchange_Mg; exchange_Mn; exchange_Na; Free_H_acidity; extract_Al; extract_Ca; extract_Cd; extract_Cr; extract_Cu; extract_Fe; extract_Hg; extract_K; extract_Mg; extract_Mn; extract_Na; extract_Ni; extract_P; extract_Pb; extract_S; extract_Zn; total_Al; total_Ca; total_Fe; total_K; total_Mg; total_Mn; total_Na; reactive_Al; reactive_Fe; other_observations

1 Sequence

Description: Continuous number to identify the line of the submitted file
Format: I
2 country

DB Column: code_country
Description: ID of the country
Format: I
Dictionary: d_country
3 plot

DB Column: code_plot
Description: Observation plot number
Remarks: A unique number (per country) given to the permanent plot during the selection or installation
Format: I
4 layer

DB Column: code_layer
Description: Code layer
Format: C
Dictionary: d_depth_level_soil
5 repetition

Remarks: E.g. '1, 2, 3, 4' in case of four cores, '1' in case of a single core or a stem disc analysis
Format: I
6 layer_superior

DB Column: layer_limit_superior
Description: Layer limit superior
Format: F
Explanatory Item: 128
7 layer_inferior

DB Column: layer_limit_inferior
Description: Layer limit inferior
Format: F
Explanatory Item: 128
8 subsamples

Description: Number of subsamples in the composite
Remarks: N° in the composite
Format: I
9 date_analysis (DDMMYY)

DB Column: date_labor_analyses
Description: Date laboratory analysis of most recent analysis on the concerning sample
Remarks: E.g. '9th October 2012' = '091012'
Format: Date
10 moisture_content (%)

Description: Moisture content
Remarks: Difference between air dry and oven dry moisture
Format: F
11 clay (%)

DB Column: part_size_clay
Remarks: 0 - 2 micrometer fraction
Format: F
12 silt (%)

DB Column: part_size_silt
Remarks: 2 - 63 micrometer fraction
Format: F
13 sand (%)

DB Column: part_size_sand
Remarks: 63 - 2000 micrometer fraction
Format: F
14 texture

DB Column: code_texture_class
Description: Texture class
Remarks: Coding according to FAO Texture Triangle
Format: C
Dictionary: d_texture_class
15 bulk_density_dry_fine_earth (kg/m³)

DB Column: bulk_density
Description: Mean dry bulk density of the fine earth
Format: F
16 coarse_fragments_vol (%)

DB Column: coarse_fragment_vol
Description: Volume coarse fragments
Remarks: Volume %
Format: I
17 organic_layer_dry_weight (kg/m²)

DB Column: organic_layer_weight
Description: Total dry weight of the organic layer
Format: F
18 pH_CaCl

DB Column: ph_cacl2
Description: PH(CaCl2)
Format: F
19 pH_H2O

Description: PH(H2O)
Format: F
20 total_organic_carbon (g/kg)

DB Column: organic_carbon_total
Description: Total Organic Carbon
Format: F
21 total_nitrogen (g/kg)

DB Column: n_total
Description: Total Nitrogen
Format: F
22 carbonates (g/kg)

Format: F
23 exchange_acidity (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: exch_acidiy
Description: Exchangeable acidity
Format: F
24 exchange_Al (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: exch_al
Description: Exchangeable Al
Format: F
25 exchange_Ca (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: exch_ca
Description: Exchangeable Ca
Format: F
26 exchange_Fe (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: exch_fe
Description: Exchangeable Fe
Format: F
27 exchange_K (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: exch_k
Description: Exchangeable K
Format: F
28 exchange_Mg (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: exch_mg
Description: Exchangeable Mg
Format: F
29 exchange_Mn (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: exch_mn
Description: Exchangeable Mn
Format: F
30 exchange_Na (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: exch_na
Description: Exchangeable Na
Format: F
31 Free_H_acidity (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: free_h
Description: Free H+ acidity
Format: F
32 extract_Al (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_al
Description: Extractable Al
Format: F
33 extract_Ca (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_ca
Description: Extractable Ca
Format: F
34 extract_Cd (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_cd
Description: Extractable Cd
Format: F
35 extract_Cr (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_cr
Description: Extractable Cr
Format: F
36 extract_Cu (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_cu
Description: Extractable Cu
Format: F
37 extract_Fe (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_fe
Description: Extractable Fe
Format: F
38 extract_Hg (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_hg
Description: Extractable Hg
Format: F
39 extract_K (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_k
Description: Extractable K
Format: F
40 extract_Mg (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_mg
Description: Extractable Mg
Format: F
41 extract_Mn (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_mn
Description: Extractable Mn
Format: F
42 extract_Na (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_na
Description: Extractable Na
Format: F
43 extract_Ni (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_ni
Description: Extractable Ni
Format: F
44 extract_P (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_p
Description: Extractable P
Format: F
45 extract_Pb (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_pb
Description: Extractable Pb
Format: F
46 extract_S (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_s
Description: Extractable S
Format: F
47 extract_Zn (mg/kg)

DB Column: extrac_zn
Description: Extractable Zn
Format: F
48 total_Al (mg/kg)

DB Column: tot_al
Description: Total Al
Format: F
49 total_Ca (mg/kg)

DB Column: tot_ca
Description: Total Ca
Format: F
50 total_Fe (mg/kg)

DB Column: tot_fe
Description: Total Fe
Format: F
51 total_K (mg/kg)

DB Column: tot_k
Description: Total K
Format: F
52 total_Mg (mg/kg)

DB Column: tot_mg
Description: Total Mg
Format: F
53 total_Mn (mg/kg)

DB Column: tot_mn
Description: Total Mn
Format: F
54 total_Na (mg/kg)

DB Column: tot_na
Description: Total Na
Format: F
55 reactive_Al (mg/kg)

DB Column: rea_al
Description: Reactive Al
Remarks: Acid oxalate extractable Al
Format: F
56 reactive_Fe (mg/kg)

DB Column: rea_fe
Description: Reactive Fe
Remarks: Acid oxalate extractable Fe
Format: F
57 other_observations (FREE TEXT)

DB Column: other_obs
Description: Supplementary comments
Format: C

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