PA01 Extraction H2O Extraction methods 1984  
PA02 Extraction CaCl2 Extraction methods 1984  
PA03 Extraction single BaCl2 Extraction methods 1984  
PA04 Extraction triple BaCl2 Extraction methods 1984  
PA05 Extraction with Acid Ammonium Oxalate Extraction methods 1984  
PA99 Other extraction method Extraction methods 1984  
PB01 Aqua regia (HCl/HNO3, 3/1) extract Digestion methods (open system) 1984  
PB08 Modified Kjeldahl H2SO4 with Ti/Cu catalyst Digestion methods (open system) 1984  
PB09 Total digestion with HF/HClO4 Digestion methods (open system) 1984  
PB10 Total digestion with LiBO2 Digestion methods (open system) 1984  
PB99 Other digestion method (open system) Digestion methods (open system) 1984  
PC03 Pressure digestion HNO3/HF (total digestion) Pressure digestion methods 1984  
PC99 Other pressure digestion method Pressure digestion methods 1984  
PD05 Microwave pressure digestion HNO3/HF (total digestion) Microwave pressure digestion methods 1984  
PD99 Other microwave pressure digestion method Microwave pressure digestion methods 1984  
PZ01 Material melted and formed (tablet) for XRF methods Other methods 1984  
PZ02 Material pressed (pellet) for XRF methods Other methods 1984  
PZ98 No pretreatment Other methods 1984  
PZ99 Pretreatment method not in this list Other methods 1984  

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