C1 - Visual Assessment of Crown Condition

Form: TRE - Parameters

Active since: 1984 Last change: 2018



!Sequence; plot; date_survey; team_id; tree; tree_species; removal_mortality; defol; social_class; shading_crown; visibility; crown_assess; fruiting_assess; fruiting_whole; flowering_assess; flowering_whole; transparency; form_crown; secondary_shoots; cdrd_n; apical_shoot; tree_age_class; age_method; code_ref_tree; other_observations

1 Sequence

Description: Continuous number to identify the line of the submitted file
Format: I
2 plot

DB Column: code_plot
Description: Observation plot number
Remarks: A unique number (per country) given to the permanent plot during the selection or installation
Format: I
3 date_survey (DDMMYY)

Description: Date of survey
Remarks: E.g. '9th October 2012' = '091012'
Format: Date
4 team_id

Description: Field team ID
Format: I
Explanatory Item: 88
5 tree

DB Column: tree_number
Description: Tree number (as marked during installation)
Format: I
Explanatory Item: 41
6 tree_species

DB Column: code_tree_species
Description: Coded tree species
Format: I
Dictionary: d_tree_spec
7 removal_mortality

DB Column: code_removal
Description: Removal/Mortality - status of tree
Format: I
Dictionary: d_removal_mortality_ccgr
Explanatory Item: 43
8 defol (%)

DB Column: code_defoliation
Description: Needle/leaf loss in the assessable crown as compared to a reference tree
Remarks: Observed regardless of the cause of foliage loss (e.g. it includes damage by insects)
Format: I
Dictionary: d_defoliation
9 social_class

DB Column: code_social_class
Description: Social class (height of a tree relative to the surrounding trees)
Format: I
Dictionary: d_social_class
Explanatory Item: 45
10 shading_crown

DB Column: code_shading
Description: Crown shading
Format: I
Dictionary: d_shading
11 visibility

DB Column: code_visibility
Description: Degree to which different parts of the assessable crown can be viewed from the ground
Remarks: Some parameters can still be assessed when only back-lighting is present
Format: I
Dictionary: d_visibility
12 crown_assess

DB Column: code_crown_assess
Description: Assessable part of the crown
Format: I
Dictionary: d_crown_assess
Explanatory Item: 303
13 fruiting_assess

DB Column: code_fruit_assess
Description: Annual seed production of the tree in the assessable crown
Remarks: Only the fruit of the respective assessment year is to be considered
Format: F
Dictionary: d_fruiting
Explanatory Item: 50
14 fruiting_whole

DB Column: code_fruit_whole_crown
Description: Annual seed production of the tree in the whole crown
Remarks: Only the fruit of the respective assessment year is to be considered
Format: F
Dictionary: d_fruiting
Explanatory Item: 50
15 flowering_assess

DB Column: code_flow_assess
Description: Flowering in assessable crown
Format: I
Dictionary: d_flowering
Explanatory Item: 50
16 flowering_whole

DB Column: code_flow_whole_crown
Description: Flowering in whole crown
Format: I
Dictionary: d_flowering
Explanatory Item: 50
17 transparency

DB Column: code_foliage_transparency
Description: Additional amount of skylight visible through the crown compared to the amount of skylight visible through a fully foliated crown
Format: I
Dictionary: d_foliage_transparency
Explanatory Item: 49
18 form_crown

DB Column: code_crown_form
Description: Crown form / morphology
Remarks: Classifications exist for Picea spp. and Pinus sylvestris
Format: I
Dictionary: d_crown_form
Explanatory Item: 304
19 secondary_shoots

DB Column: code_shoot_epico
Description: Secondary shoots / Epicormics (Shoots that have developed from dormant buds)
Format: I
Dictionary: d_shoot_epicormic
Explanatory Item: 52
20 cdrd_n

Description: Relative crown distance (diameter related distance to surrounding trees in main directions)
Remarks: Calculation: [Score1 + Score2 + Score3 + Score4] / 4 = CDRD_N
Format: F
Dictionary: d_cdrd_n
Explanatory Item: 307
21 apical_shoot

DB Column: code_apical_shoot
Description: Apical shoot architecture (assessment of growth patterns of the topmost twigs of crown)
Remarks: Only on beech (Fagus sylvatica)
Format: I
Dictionary: d_apical_shoot
Explanatory Item: 306
22 tree_age_class

DB Column: code_tree_age
Description: Tree Age in 20 year classes
Remarks: Must be specified for all sample trees on core plots
Format: I
Dictionary: d_tree_age
23 age_method

DB Column: code_age_method
Description: Method of age assessment
Format: I
Dictionary: d_age_determination
24 code_ref_tree

Description: Reference tree method
Format: I
Dictionary: d_ref_tree
25 other_observations (FREE TEXT)

DB Column: other_obs
Description: Supplementary comments
Format: C

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