GR - Growth and Yield

Form: IRM - Tree ring and stemdisk analysis (optional)

Active since: 2011 Last change: 2011

!Sequence; plot; gr_plot_id; tree; repetition; ring_number; ring_width; other_observations

1 Sequence

Description: Continuous number to identify the line of the submitted file
Format: I
2 plot

DB Column: code_plot
Description: Observation plot number
Remarks: A unique number (per country) given to the permanent plot during the selection or installation
Format: I
3 gr_plot_id

Description: Growth plot ID
Format: I
Explanatory Item: 39
4 tree

DB Column: tree_number
Description: Tree number with initial R for Ring analysis and D for Disk sampling
Remarks: With initial R for Ring analysis and D for Disk sampling
Format: C
Explanatory Item: 154
5 repetition

Remarks: E.g. '1, 2, 3, 4' in case of four cores, '1' in case of a single core or a stem disc analysis
Format: I
6 ring_number

Description: Number of ring
Remarks: Starting with 1 for most recent ring of each combination of plot, tree and repectition
Format: I
7 ring_width (in 0.01 mm)

Description: Tree ring width
Remarks: E.g. 376 = 3.76 mm (-9 = lost tree ring)
Format: I
8 other_observations (FREE TEXT)

DB Column: other_obs
Description: Supplementary comments
Format: C

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