SO - Analysis of Soil

Form: PFH - Soil profile horizons

Active since: 1984 Last change: 1984



!Sequence; country; plot; profile_pit; horizon; date_analysis; hor_discontinuity; hor_master; hor_subordinate; hor_vertical; hor_upper; hor_lower; hor_distinctness; hor_topography; structure; colour_moist; colour_dry; hor_texture_class; hor_clay; hor_silt; hor_sand; hor_coarse_vol; hor_coarse_weight; hor_organic_carbon; hor_total_nitrogen; hor_total_CaCO3; hor_gypsum; hor_pH; hor_conductivity; hor_exchange_Ca; hor_exchange_Mg; hor_exchange_K; hor_exchange_Na; hor_exchange_cation_cap; hor_porosity; hor_bulk_density_measure; hor_bulk_density_estimate; roots_very_fine; roots_fine; roots_medium; roots_coarse; other_observations

1 Sequence

Description: Continuous number to identify the line of the submitted file
Format: I
2 country

DB Column: code_country
Description: ID of the country
Format: I
Dictionary: d_country
3 plot

DB Column: code_plot
Description: Observation plot number
Remarks: A unique number (per country) given to the permanent plot during the selection or installation
Format: I
4 profile_pit

DB Column: profile_pit_id
Description: Profile pit ID
Remarks: If sampled in BioSoil, use same code (max. 4 characters)
Format: C
5 horizon

DB Column: horizon_number
Description: Horizon number
Format: I
Explanatory Item: 130
6 date_analysis (DDMMYY)

DB Column: date_labor_analyses
Description: Date laboratory analysis
Remarks: As this date covers several analyses, report most recent data of all data analyses reported in this record
Format: Date
7 hor_discontinuity

DB Column: code_horizon_discont
Description: Horizon discontinuity
Format: I
Dictionary: d_hori_disc
Explanatory Item: 131
8 hor_master

DB Column: code_horizon_master
Description: Horizon master
Format: C
Dictionary: d_hori_master
Explanatory Item: 131
9 hor_subordinate

DB Column: code_horizon_subordinate
Description: Horizon subordinate
Format: C
Dictionary: d_hori_sub
Explanatory Item: 131
10 hor_vertical

DB Column: horizon_vertical
Description: Horizon vertical
Format: I
Explanatory Item: 131
11 hor_upper (cm)

DB Column: horizon_limit_up
Description: Upper horizon limit
Format: I
Explanatory Item: 132
12 hor_lower (cm)

DB Column: horizon_limit_low
Description: Lower horizon limit
Format: I
Explanatory Item: 132
13 hor_distinctness

DB Column: code_horizon_destinct
Description: Horizon distinctness
Format: I
Dictionary: d_hori_distinct
Explanatory Item: 133
14 hor_topography

DB Column: code_horizon_topo
Description: Horizon topography
Remarks: The topography of the boundary indicates its shape
Format: I
Dictionary: d_hori_topography
15 structure

DB Column: code_soil_structure
Format: I
Dictionary: d_soil_structure
16 colour_moist

Description: Moist colour of the soil matrix
Remarks: See Munsell soil colour charts
Format: C
17 colour_dry

Description: Dry colour of the soil matrix
Remarks: See Munsell soil colour charts
Format: C
18 hor_texture_class

DB Column: code_horizon_texture_class
Description: Horizon Textural class
Remarks: Coding according to FAO Texture Triangle
Format: C
Dictionary: d_texture_class
19 hor_clay (%)

DB Column: horizon_clay
Description: Horizon Clay
Remarks: 0 - 2 micrometer fraction
Format: F
20 hor_silt (%)

DB Column: horizon_silt
Description: Horizon Silt
Remarks: 2 - 63 micrometer fraction
Format: F
21 hor_sand (%)

DB Column: horizon_sand
Description: Horizon Sand
Remarks: 63 - 2000 micrometer fraction
Format: F
22 hor_coarse_vol

DB Column: code_horizon_coarse_vol
Description: Horizon code coarse fragments
Remarks: Code based on volume %
Format: I
Dictionary: d_soil_coarse_fragments
23 hor_coarse_weight (weight % in g/100g)

DB Column: horizon_coarse_weight
Description: Horizon coarse fragments
Remarks: Optional for mineral horizon
Format: I
24 hor_organic_carbon (g/kg)

DB Column: horizon_c_organic_total
Description: Horizon Total Organic Carbon content
Format: F
25 hor_total_nitrogen (g/kg)

DB Column: horizon_n_total
Description: Horizon Total Nitrogen
Format: F
26 hor_total_CaCO3 (g/kg)

DB Column: horizon_caco3_total
Description: Horizon Total Calcium Carbonate
Format: F
27 hor_gypsum (g/kg)

DB Column: horizon_gypsum
Description: Horizon Gypsum content
Format: F
28 hor_pH

DB Column: horizon_ph
Description: Horizon pH
Format: F
29 hor_conductivity (dS.m-1)

DB Column: horizon_elec_cond
Description: Horizon Electrical conductivity
Format: F
30 hor_exchange_Ca (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: horizon_exch_ca
Description: Horizon Exchangeable Ca
Format: F
31 hor_exchange_Mg (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: horizon_exch_mg
Description: Horizon Exchangeable Mg
Format: F
32 hor_exchange_K (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: horizon_exch_k
Description: Horizon Exchangeable K
Format: F
33 hor_exchange_Na (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: horizon_exch_na
Description: Horizon Exchangeable Na
Format: F
34 hor_exchange_cation_cap (cmol(+)/kg)

DB Column: horizon_cec
Description: Horizon Cation Exchange Capacity
Format: F
35 hor_porosity

DB Column: code_horizon_porosity
Description: Horizon Code Porosity
Format: I
Dictionary: d_soil_code_porosity
36 hor_bulk_density_measure (kg/m3)

DB Column: horizon_bulk_dens_measure
Description: Horizon Measured Bulk Density
Format: F
37 hor_bulk_density_estimate (kg/m3)

DB Column: horizon_bulk_dens_est
Description: Horizon Estimated Bulk Density
Format: F
38 roots_very_fine

DB Column: code_roots_very_fine
Description: Very fine roots
Remarks: Abundance class
Format: I
Dictionary: d_root_abundance
Explanatory Item: 141
39 roots_fine

DB Column: code_roots_fine
Description: Fine roots
Remarks: Abundance class
Format: I
Dictionary: d_root_abundance
Explanatory Item: 141
40 roots_medium

DB Column: code_roots_medium
Description: Medium roots
Remarks: Abundance class
Format: I
Dictionary: d_root_abundance
Explanatory Item: 141
41 roots_coarse

DB Column: code_roots_coarse
Description: Coarse roots
Remarks: Abundance class
Format: I
Dictionary: d_root_abundance
Explanatory Item: 141
42 other_observations (FREE TEXT)

DB Column: other_obs
Description: Supplementary comments
Format: C

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