1 Mull No presence of OH and presence of Az from anecic and endogeic earthworms 1984  
2 Moder Presence of OH and Ajz/Aze, gradual transition between OH and mineral A or presence of OF, OHz if overlying bedrock/coarse debris 1984  
3 Mor Presence of OH and Ae/E (with sharp transition to OH) and Soil macrofauna absent, low abundance or absence of mesofauna, Ae never zoogenic 1984  
4 Amphi (or Amphihumus) Presence of OHz and Az and thick holorganic horizon with more or less sharp transition to the below zoogenous Az. 2007  
5 Peat   1984 2006
5 Anmoor Presence of a Aa horizon. An Aa horizon contains 8-17% organic carbon, is at least 20 cm thick and is developed under influence of stagnant water or fluctuating groundwater, organic substance highly humified with greasy (smeary) consistence. 2007  
6 Other   1984 2006
6 Histomull Hz dominant with high faunal activity (anecic worms) Drained eutrophic peat soils with high content of clay (10-30%) or peat with thin subdominant clay cover. Mostly grasslands, sometimes drained Elder woods Ectoorganic layers are rare or extremely thin 2007  
7 Histomoder Hs dominant, faunal activity mainly springtails 2007  
7 Raw (Roh)   1984 2006
8 Histomor No or nearly no faunal activity Fibric (Hf) - mesic (Hfs) - sapric forms (Hs) 2007  
9 Histoamphi Aa or Aaz is dominant Presence of a Hz arthropod activity and a Aaz horizon 2007  

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