Overview Surveys

Monitoring of Air Quality AQ Continous
Biodiversity BD Every 10 years
Visual Assessment of Crown Condition C1 CC At least annually
Analysis of Deposition DP/DH Continous
Sampling and Analysis of Needles and Leaves F1 FO Every 2 years
Growth and Yield GR Every 5 years
Ground Vegetation GV Every 5 years
Ground Vegetation Biomass GB Every 5 years
Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Radiation Measurements LA Annually
Sampling and Analysis of Litterfall LF Continous
Meteorological Measurements MM Continous
Assessment of Ozone Injury OZ Continous
Phenological Observations PH Several times per year
System Instalment Y1 SI Level I: Every 10 years / Level II: At plot installment or for correction/update
Analysis of Soil SO Every 10 years
Analysis of Soil Solution SS Continous
Soil Water SW Continous
Tree Vitality TV Annually

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